We all have made mistakes and learned from it. These experiences that we have can be the building blocks we need for our own improvement. That’s why “The Upward Fall” is a dedicated space for learning, growth and improvement driven by the desire to change


Joshleen Marmol

Registered Nutritionist Dietitian (PRC)
Certified Sports Nutritionist (IFPA)

PPC, Philippines

Joshleen Marmol is the founder of The Upward Fall. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics in the Philippines. She is a certified Sports Nutrition Specialist credited by the International Fitness Professional Association (IFPA) and is passionate about health and wellness. As a Registered Nutritionist Dietitian (RND) and a fitness advocate, she hopes to reach people who are struggling with their health journey. Aside from nutrition and fitness, Joshleen is interested in skincare and has a passion for self-growth and improvement. The Upward Fall aims to help people find peace in all aspects of their lives and hopes to leave a lasting impact.